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Hand tied extensions icon
Hand Tied Wefts

Very flat and blends well with natural hair

Adds thickness and volume 

Wear 6-8 weeks before needing maintenance

Invisible beaded weft icon
Invisible Bead Extensions

Very discreet, beads are hidden giving a natural look

Even distribution without tension or tightness,

promoting scalp health with less tension

Allows for high-density applications

Lasts 6-8 weeks before needing maintenance

Keratin Tip Extensions Icon
K-Tip Extensions

Small and can be well-hidden under layers of hair

Light and comfortable; individual bonds allow more flexibility

3-5 months before needing maintenance

Hair Care for Extensions
Extensions Care Products

We carry 2 brands for maintaining your color & extensions:

Kevin Murphy’s luxurious hair care products are expertly crafted using natural ingredients to deliver exceptional results and are sold by eco-friendly salons like Eutopia

Brazilian Blowout’s extension care line is designed to extend the life of your extensions while delivering unmatched smoothness and shine.

Stylist Hair Extension Certifications

About Us

Our Stylist Have the Best Training in the Industry!!

Certified by Bellami and Harper Ellis, Just to Name a Few

ModLengths is Our Sister Company

We do not use just any hair!

All of Our Hair is  Ethically Sourced: We Have a Long and Ongoing Relationship With Our Supplier.

All Wefts Are the Highest Quality, Double Drawn Hair

ModLengths the Finest Hair Extensions
Eutopia salon is more than just a place to get hair extensions; it’s a space where confidence blooms.
With unparalleled expertise, our passionate team is dedicated to transforming looks and lives through the art of hair extension.
We believe in nurturing your hair and self-esteem, unlocking the beauty that lies within.

Our Article on Hair Extensions

Lot’s of pretty girls like you had questions about the different methods and what to expect.

We wrote an article just for you!

Our stylists give very thorough consultations as the first step, so don’t hesitate to book one when you’re ready. In the mean-time, check out our article.

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You Deserve It

We understand the difference a good hair day can make.
Our services are not just about longer hair but about healthier, fuller, and more radiant hair that reflects your inner confidence and happiness.
Let us help you discover the best version of yourself.

Real People, Real Experiences


Invisible Extensions

During my extension consultation my stylist told me everything I needed to know about her hand tied weft extensions and addressed all of my concerns; I immediately knew I picked the correct salon. The extensions are carried in house and they just so happened to have a last minute opening for the next day so I was able to get my extensions installed ONE day after my consultation.

My hair is super fine and I was worried about the extensions showing; they do not show at all!! I have received so many compliments on my hair already and everyone is shocked when I tell them I have extensions. My stylist made them look so natural! I would recommend Eutopia to anyone; they’re truly the best in the game!

Looking Young

AWESOME this is the BEST hair salon EVA !!!! & they r so friendly & actually make u feel comfortable like they r all my NEW friends I LOVE ❤️ EUTOPIA I won’t go anywhere else anymore I’m so happy & I get so many compliments on my hair I’m 51 & I’m wearing my hair long like I did when I was 19 & my co workers, family & friends can’t believe how healthy & pretty my hair is @ this age !!!

EUTOPIA saved MY LIFE & they have an amazing staff like everyone of them know how to do hair all around to even hair extensions etc.,,,, They know all about hair & have an amazing , INCREDIBLE salon & staff, they are TRULY the BEST !!!! I LOVE all of them !!

All the Feels

Eutopia’s cozy elegance is instantly welcoming and the friendly staff have put me at ease like no other salon has. The vibe is one of relaxed, collaborative professionalism where stylists are true creatives that seem excited to be there. The Stylists are amazing at faithfully creating your vision whether from photos or simply a good verbal description. they’ll help you find the look that best compliments your features and personality. Everyone is experienced and knowledgeable. Highly recommend

Treat Yourself

Get a boost in Confidence

Improve your self esteem


With Longer hair, Healthier hair

Eutopia Color & Extension Specialty Salon


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