Eutopia Is a Color & Extension Specialty Salon

You will notice a few things on our menu. 1st, we do not do several services that you would typically see done in a salon.

We do not do styles for events or blowouts, we do not do mens hair or waxing.

We have chosen to be the best at what we do and that means we cannot spread our attention to every service.

We SPECIALIZE in color! That means giving all our attention every day to creating beautiful colors for our clients.

We spend 100% of our extra time, money and attention to improving our coloring skills. We want you to receive not only the best in our city, but the best compared to any salon, in any city.

The other thing you may notice is different is our pricing. We aren’t the most expensive in town, but we are far from the cheapest.

Our prices reflect our level of knowledge, professionalism, the dedication we put into being the best and the cost of using the absolute best products on the market.

When you visit us, you can rest assured that you will have the best products used on your hair.

Your stylist will give you a thorough consultation in which they will go over all your options and more importantly, you will receive guidance from a professional who is dedicated to making your hair beautiful.

Your stylist will be focused on keeping your hair in great condition as well as giving you the most beautiful color ever.

You will feel the difference. If you read our reviews, you will see that we deliver the best services possible and in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

We love our clients and they love us in return. We do not cater to anyone who feels the need to be arrogant or rude, entitled or snobby. If that describes you, please visit one of our competitors.

If you are a nice person, you will be appreciated and loved for it while in our salon and you will leave feeling as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.


We Specialize in Giving the Perfect Balayage

From super blonde Balayage to Subtle

We can give you that color that looks natural, lived in or makes your friends go “WOW”!

Balayage is the removal of your color in a hand painted or hand selected pieces. It is then toned to the colors that you have chosen. 

It must be booked with a toner and a style or haircut.

Our prices for Balayage start at $100

Toners start at $45

Haircuts start at $50


Highlights, Lolights & Coloring of that Nature

Hilighting and/Or Lolighting

Highlighting adds dimension or can give you an overall blonde look.

Highlights remove your pigment and then we use a Toner. 

The Toner gives your hair a beautiful shine and gives you the desired look. 

Highlights are always booked with a toner and either a haircut or style.

Our Highlights start at $100

Lolights added to a hilight start at $70

Toners are $45

Haircuts start at $50

Specialty Colors

Colors Requiring Extreme Lightening

Just Have Fun!!!

These types of colors can range from a pop of color to the color of meraids or unicorns. 

These colors require lifting the hair first and then depositing the colors you want. 

We price by the hour for these services and they start at $100/hr. 

Please call to book these so that we can know what custom color you will be wanting. 

We will probably ask you to txt a picture of your hair currently and then the colors you would like. 

We will give you the pricing before starting the service, but not over the phone bc there are too many variables to quote over the phone. 

Hair Coloring

Colors that Do Not Require Lightening

All Over Beautiful

These colors are for covering gray or going red or darker. 

Be a beautiful Redhead, a gorgeous Brunette or a Deep Black that no one can stop looking at. 

Want Super shiney and healthy hair?? Pick this type of color. 

Pricing starts at $70

Hair Extensions

All the Options

Let Us Help You

We will guide you into what is best for your desired look, your maintenance needs and your budget.

We take our extension business seriously. We have even created our own line of extensions- ModLength Extensions- because we wanted to know that you were getting the best quality extensions for the money!

Hand Tied & Machine Wefts Applications start at $200

Invisible Beaded Wefts Applications start at $400

Nano Keratin Infusions Applications start at $500

Maintenance times are very different for each method and it has a lot to do with the pricing.

HairCuts & Style

The Foundations

Haircuts and Styles

Haircuts start at $50

We do not do updo’s or specialty styles- we specialize in Hair Color and Haircuts.

We will let the other salons style your hair for a special event and we’ll make sure your color and cut are shockingly beautiful!!

We want to devote our time to what we Love. You’ll appreciate the difference that makes.

Please book either a haircut or style with any color service. Although we don’t do “just styles”, we want your hair to look like you are going to a special event every time you leave the salon.