Hopefully, you already know we are a Baton Rouge’s #1 color salon.

We want to do what is in style, even before it becomes popular. We are known for this and most of our clients, new and repeat, come to us because they know, that WE KNOW, what is up in the color world and we will help them be fashionable.

We have been voted “TOP COLOR SALON” in Baton Rouge several years

We were voted “TOP 3 SALONS” in Baton Rouge the last 3 years running

We are located in the heart of the Perkins Road Overpass area, an upscale and trendy area in Baton Rouge


What we offer:


  • Education!!! We constantly educate ourselves and have outside education every quarter
  • Clients!!! We will help you build a clientele- FAST!!! You will need to be equally devoted to finding clients, but we will be consistently directing clients to you.

  • We offer sliding scale Commission with built in bonuses and we teach you how to advance to each of them. The leadership of Eutopia prides itself on helping stylists have great careers!!!

  • Flex Scheduling- we will work with your lifestyle or lifestyle needs and it will be a marriage between what you need and what the salon needs. We do want to point out, even before talking to you, that night time and weekends are when clients want to have their hair done. Be prepared to work some of those if you want to build a career in this business.


    We will be looking for the following traits:

    • Outgoing
    • Happy
    • Loves to make others feel great
    • Self-Motivated
    • Ready to succeed

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