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Brunette's Are Beautiful!! But Which Brunette

With all the choices in hair color today, Brunette is one of the most versatile. There are so many options within this choice.
The one thing trending right now is Brunettes with dimension.
I like the brunettes with enhanced espresso roots and cool colored ends. I like the medium chocolate browns with caramel baby lights. I love the chocolates that melt into a little touch of raspberry. 
They almost make me hungry thinking about them. Oh, sorry, that just slipped out because it’s past my dinnertime….. Oops
There are so many techniques and variations of those techniques. Your stylist can create a masterpiece that is uniquely yours. Check out the variations I thought were great for this summer. 
Talk with your stylist, give them a few pictures and then let them create a look just for you. 
PS You are already beautiful!

Espresso Brunette

Espresso Brunette

Brunette with slight balayage face framing. Not all Balayage is blonde and not all balayage is all over.


Brunette with Babylights

Brunette Lob- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

Brunette W/Subtly Babylights

I’ve used this pic before but I couldn’t -not use it- bc the lightning throughout her hair is impeccable.

Caramel Balayaged Brunette

Caramel Balayage

Brunette with Caramel Balayage and an enhanced root


Deep Roots & Rich Ale

Brown Ale by Colin Caruso

Here’s a color from a friend of ours that we love. “It’s different from traditional brunettes because of the richness and the depth it provides,” colorist Colin Caruso tells Glamour. “It’s warm without the brassy or mousy undertones some people associate with traditional brunettes.”

Neutral Brunette with Dimension

Neutral Brunette with Dimension

Here we have a beautiful neutral brunette. It’s not too warm, not ashy and it has dimension still.

Chocolate Brunette

Chocolate Brunette

This Chocolate Brunette color adds a dimension of slight raspberry to the ends. 

Dark Brunette, Cool Tones

Dark Brunette w/Cool Tones

This is a brunette. She’s actually naturally the darkest brown but with these cool tones, it brings her to a different level and totally changes her look.

Blacker than Black

Jet Black

Ok, I couldn’t do Brunettes w/o putting this gorgeous Jet Black in there. I know it doesn’t have the dimension but if you keep your black hair Glossed Regularly- colored with clear, it will shine like no other hair color!

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