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Answering the Questions I Hear in the Salon Every Day

What Happened

Hilights Repaired

Don’t let your friends do your hair

This was a case where it would have been more economical to come to the salon 1st bc fixing it cost more.

An OMG Balayage

Some OMG Hiighlights

Don’t let this happen to you

You get what you pay for

A Band is Something You Listen To

We Fix Hair Color

One of the most common mistakes and many times it takes multiple sessions to erase this type of mistake

Not Light Enough

We Create Beautiful Blondes

This is a beautiful transformation from this at home mistake. They could not get her light enough at home. 

Stripes to Balayage

Beautiful Balayage with Shadow Root

From stripes to a Beautiful Balayage with a Shadow root! 

Balayage Transformation

Balayage Recovery

This is a rescue  and an amazing transformatin from orange to a balayage with a root smudge. 

Hi Girls, it’s been a cray cray few weeks as we enter into spring 2020.

I assume a ton of you have been considering what to do about your roots or your toners. You may even be tempted to color your hair out of boredom.

I get it and I understand the temptation and the question it brings up.
What’s the difference between Professional hair color and Box Dye.

I’m about to give you a few comparisons or differences. Hopefully, with a little more education, the temptation of diy haircolor won’t be so strong.

First, let me clear the air about who it may work for in a best case scenario and who should absolutely stay away.

The best case would be brunettes who do not want to change your color at all, but want to cover gray.

If this is you, pick a shade as close to your color as possible and you want to ere on the side of a little darker.
If your roots are a little darker or ashier, you won’t notice much. If they are lighter or warmer, you’ll get the dreaded “HOT ROOT”. That means it will look like your roots are glowing brown while the rest of your hair looks dead in comparison to it.

So that’s the only case I’d say is somewhat safer.
With the brunette staying brunette. If you only do it once, you will just have to deal with a little dryness in comparison to professional color

That leads me to the main difference in Profesional hair color vs Box Dye.
The condition of your hair is going to change bc the products are not the same quality.

Yes, even one time will change the softness, the moisture level and protein levels in your hair.
The health of your hair is going to change.

That is the number one reason to #resisttheurge

Professional color companies are competing with each other on the following:
>> How long their colors last w/o fading and
>> The condition of your hair after it’s been colored.

Professional Color Companies have professional stylists judging them daily on these things. They must do a great job at keeping your hair healthy after using their products.

Box dye color companies are competing for your $$$ in a totally different way.
>> Box Dye companies need their commercials to be great
>> Their models and actresses need to look great and
>> The boxes need to get you to pick them up
in other words,
>> Box dye companies spend their money on marketing.

Another difference is in the strength of Professional Hair Color vs Box Dye.

Professionals have the choice of 5 different strengths of formulas for the colors. This does not include lightener or bleach, which is a whole other ball game.

If you are thinking about lightening your hair, just don’t! There are a ton of professionals who cannot get it right. We constantly fix mistakes from people lightening their hair. Sometimes, it’s bad- and expensive.

Back to the strengths of Professional Hair Color vs Box Dye
We already said professional color has man choices of developers.

Box Dye uses THE STRONGEST developers and AMONIA content to make sure they can cover every texture of hair.

That means if your hair is porous or fine or medium, it’s being treated as course, resistant hair by that Box Dye.

That’s horrible for the health of your hair.

So, the low-down is, if you use the box dyes, even if it’s one time, it is going to change the texture of your hair and not just for a month, but permanently.

Even if you did find the perfect color match, it’s just not worth hurting the condition of your hair.

The worst 2 colors to try at home are reds and blonde. They almost never match or are patchy- YUCK!

You are better off waiting for your stylist.

I’d suggest going ahead and making your appointment now, while you have the time. Shoot for the beginning of May, and do it soon bc every woman on the planet is going to need their hair colored when they lift the salon ban.

Eutopia has online booking and if you have any questions, Shane is still answering the phones. He will be glad to answer your questions or schedule you.

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