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Answering the Questions I Hear in the Salon Every Day

What Length Hair Is In Style

Every girl wants to look fashionable when leaving the hair salon so I hear this question all the time.
Well, the real question should not be what length is in style.
With todays choices of fashionista’s to follow, there is no “one length” that we consider the most fashionable.
There are 2 questions that I feel are much better
  1. What length of hair do you feel prettiest, sexiest, most attractive in?
  2. What haircut do you feel supports your personal style?
Are you a boho chic who feels like a carefree braid suits you? Or would a flirty pixie haircut suit you better??
Do you feel the need to wear a ponytail 90% of the time or do you like your hair down and framing your face?
I put together some looks that I think are great for 2020.
Whichever length that you feel like yourself in, is the one that you will look the prettiest.
How we carry ourselves has Everything to do with how attractive we are. So pick the length that makes you walk around feeling like you are on top of the world!
PS You are already beautiful!

Edgy Little Pixie Cut

Pixie Haircut- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

An Edgy Little Pixie Haircut

This one is not for the faint of heart, but it may be for those who want to hide their big hearts!

Brunette Lob Haircut

Brunette Lob- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

Brunette Lob Haircut

This lob is absolutely beautiful, smoothly finished and just about as classy as you can get.

Textured Pixie Bob

Textured Pixie Bob- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

A Textured Pixie Bob

This Textured Pixie Bob looks adorable on this cute girl with glasses.

Long, Wavy & Layered

Layered Wavy Long- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

  Layered Long Wavy Haircut

You can’t get more beautiful than this beautifully layered long wavy look.

Short Bangs w/a Wavy Lob

Lob with Short Bangs- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

An Edgy Lob with Short Bangs

Make your messy Lob cute by adding some short bangs.

Messy Lil Pixie

Messy Lil Pixie- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

Messy Lil Pixie

How about this Messy Lil Pixie! Helpful Hint: the shorter the hair, the more important it is that it’s colored- trust us

Loose Braids

Loose Braid long hair- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

Beautiful Loose Braids

You don’t have to seek perfection when doing Messy, Loose Braids. They always look beautiful!

Wavy Mid-Length

Wavy Mid-Length- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

Wavy Mid-Length

Check out how pretty this Wavy Mid-Length style can be.

Long Hair & Accessory

Long Hair with Accessory- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

Long hair styled with accessories

You just need the perfect accessories sometimes to make your style pop!

Short Wavy Bob

Short Wavy Bob- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

Short Wavy Bob

This Short Wavy Bob is just perfection! Cute and easy, a great fashion statement and not much effort needed.

High Pony w/Waves

Cute High Pony Hairstyle- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

Cute High Pony Look

This is a supeer easy way to add some happiness and a little spice into your long haircut look. Just a little pony on top and waves below.

Mid-length Wavy Blonde

Mid-length Wavy Blonde- Perfect haircut Lengths 2020

Mid-length Wavy & Blonde

This Mid-length Wavy Blonde Haircut could go almost anywhere and look great!

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